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winning time dist btnWinning Times and Distance Beaten


In addition to the traditional way of studying a race bsed on the position of the horse, through these horse racing ratings is also possible to analyze the winning time. Read More

01_filtersDozens of Filters

With dozens of filters, you can select specific results, and analyze only the results concerning races with features that interest you, or, for example, the form of the horse. Read More

pace Pace Statistics

Thanks to these horse racing ratings you can see all along the win percentages for each race and result, according to the starting position, the front runner and the running style of each horse.

similar coursesSimilar Races Analysis!

You can directly see the percentage of equality between the current race and a similar one in a progress bar!

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With these grids you will just need a click to see the most significant results.

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With new Filters you can directly study the form and the statistics of the horse in the same moment!

all in oneAll in One Tool

As you can see below,the intent of the ratings is to find the way of winning the bets on the horse races with real data, and no algorithm, with a lot of information, as fast as possible. Now you can check statistics about form and pace of the horses directly in just one racecard 2.0!

Philosophy of Winning Bets on Horse Race

forma quota stats 2

Form Study

steel train 2Here you have an example of reading of the form. In this case i listed the first 4 horses in order of distance from the winner in the last race. With the Ratings you will see Rex Imperator, Steel Train, My Single Malt and Lucky Lodge. But you couldn’t have done this with a normal racecard. With a normal racecard you would probably only considered the final position:
Lucky Lodge 4th
My Single Malt 5th
Rex Imperator 8th
Steel Train 11th


But reality is not just the number of the position, but the winning time and the distance from the winner!

With Ippicauk Ratings you will see:

Rex Imperator 3 lenghts
Steel Train 7 lenghts
My Single Malt 7.25 lenghts
Lucky Lodge 7.25 lenghts

This is the final result of the race.

steel train result


Now, I didn’t want to show you an example where the horse with the best form wins (the lower Distance Beaten or Winning Time). But I made an example that shows the importance of Ratings, in fact you can understand that Steel Train in the last race arrived 11th but in the reality there is no difference from 5th e 4th places of Lucky Lodge and My Single Malt, because the distance from the winner was of about 7 lenghts for every of the horses!

But the odds seems not to take in consideration this detail! Indeed was almost 30 BSP. A clear Value Bet!


over and above As you can see another fundamental aspect for winning horse race bets is: the statistics.

In the Dist Btn – SC Stat column, in the results of every horse you can note a dark grey progress bar. This bar doesn’t represent the distance from the winner but the equality with the current race. This image is of the race of Sedgefield in the 15:10 of 5 may. Following the Ippicauk Ratings data, cthere is a big equality with the race of Catterick or else there is a very high statistic of horses that before winning in Sedgefield had very good results in Catterick too.

In this case the horse Over and Above got 2 victories in Catterick and if compared with other horses has a very good statistic.










The final result is the following:

over and above result

In this case i wanted to show you exclusively the statistics of similar races, but I could have shown races with similar Going or Distance, ecc..

And, just to let you understand the importance of statistics, particularly the similitude between races (unique feature of Ratings).

All Together

tutto assieme 2